Server Time

Last Hope MuOnline

Launched from 14.04

We are nearly there! BETA test is still on server is set for 90%, we are glad to hear any useful information which will improve our project here.

VOTE for our server and get rewards! Lets make our project worldwide famous TOGETHER. Bring your friends and enjoy fantastic world of Mu Online. 

Last Hope MuOnline project.

Server rules are here.

Click here to check our server settings.

Project developing wont stop after we launch it. This is why both your opinion and suggestion matters. Please let us know any changes you want to see at our forum.

At the moment server is up and running for a comfort playing:

  • Quests;
  • Events;
  • Bosses;
  • Castle Siege;
  • Spots;
  • PartySearch;
  • AutoHelper;
  • and many more.

Coin farming (WCoinC) possible without donation, check more information about this here.


Hope you enjoy and good luck!



Welcome to  Mu Last Hope international gaming community project.


At the moment server is  80% set and we`ve began testing online.

Everybody who wants to join us - Thank you and Welcome. 

Leave all your questions as well as suggestions at our forum. Don`t hesitate to contact 

Grand opening scheduled  15.05.2020



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